Colorado Seaplane Initiative

Legalize Seaplanes in Colorado

We are in a major campaign to take back our rights to fair and equal access of Colorado waterways. The arbitrary and draconian measures put in place by Colorado have banned seaplanes from every public waterway.

The controlling State Agency has demonized and discriminated against seaplanes with NO JUSTIFIABLE RATIONALE. Their claims of safety, security, and environmental concerns ignore the facts and cater to fears.

Efforts to work with the State have met absolute resistance. It is time that we take effective action. General Aviation, the producer of an estimated $2.4 billion in annual economic impact to this State, will not stand for this betrayal.

Please share this with those interested in Colorado aviation.…

Please contribute to:
Colorado Seaplane Initiative
14050 E. Linvale Pl. #112
Aurora, CO 80014
For more information on the Colorado Seaplane Initiative see,

You can make a difference!


Welcome to the Colorado Seaplane Blog!  I created this blog to document comments about seaplanes in general and Colorado seaplane access specifically.  We just completed our very first seaplane splash-in here in Colorado on June 18, 2016.  The picture shows us painting the “airmark”.  The airmark is a black and yellow anchor that designates the location as a seaplane base.  Please feel free to post pictures and comments about the splash-in or any other seaplane related issues.

Please be respectful of the blog and do not use unkind or profane language.  Everyone’s opinion is valuable even if we can not always agree with it.

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